WELCOME – I’m Honored to Have You Visiting My New Website

Living Room Staging

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Welcome! As a long-awaited friend enters my home for a cup of coffee and an interesting and enjoyable conversation, I also open the doors to you to my Decorating Solutions by Alicia website.

  The content on these pages has been created especially for you, carefully researched to address your questions on how to sell your home quickly and for more money or to refresh or decorate the home you live in.


As I tell my guests who enter my house, please make yourself at home.  Look around at the various categories to help resolve your decorating dilemmas, prepare to place your house on the market for sale, or decorate for the holidays for your home or business.

I’m All About Visuals

You will find “CLICK TO ENLARGE ME” thumbnail images all over my site you can click on to view the full size version of that photo. I want you see the detail in my Staging and Interior Decorating projects. And as we all know pictures can help tell a story.

Good conversation makes for good friends.  This means that I enjoy communicating with you and helping you with decorating or home staging questions that may be challenging you. Many times we need some feedback to be sure we are on the right track with our decor decisions, such as:

  • Are there décor rules for arranging furniture?
  • How high should I hang my artwork or chandelier?
  • What are the three most important rooms to home stage?
  • Do I need to paint my house before selling it if it’s in good condition?
  • What is the estimated cost for home staging?
  • Can I mix design styles throughout my home?

These are all very good questions and deserve some time and attention in explaining their answers. As a Certified Staging Design Professional™ and Interior Decorator, I passionately research answers for home décor problems and continue to take educational courses so that I am always up to speed on new design trends, furniture, and décor options, and design styles that may be emerging. 

Each week I’ll be writing new blog posts to stimulate your appetite and prepare you to completely transform your house into the home of your dreams or the home that prospective buyers can’t wait to make an offer on! 

Walk with me as we tour the various pages of my website and when you are not sure of something, simply complete the Contact Me form so that I can reach back to you to provide decorating solutions that will resolve your biggest home décor problems. 

Please Do Feel Free to Comment on my Blog Posts

Feedback is always encouraged regarding my blog posts and what you would like to see on these pages.  Websites are not meant to be stagnant or left unattended.  New home staging pictures, décor ideas, fresh and creative decorating content, home staging statistics, and upcoming style trends will continue to flow through these pages.

As the owner and founder of Decorating Solutions by Alicia, I enjoy your inquiries and closely watch my email so that I may respond quickly to your needs.  When you are ready to schedule an appointment with me, simply dial my number 714-452-1400, so that we can set up a meeting to do a walkthrough of your home (Walk & Talk Consultation), get an estimate for home staging or estimated cost on redecorating your home.

Thank you for taking the time to visit here today.  I value your time, appreciate your questions and feedback, and look forward to meeting you in person.