Staging a Bedroom in an Owner Occupied House

We’re finished with staging the living room so let’s move on to staging a bedroom. Staging a bedroom while you are still living in your house might sound impossible when prospective buyers are coming in all hours of the day.  As a certified staging professional, allow me to provide you some direction to make staging a bedroom simple, affordable, and stylish.

Potential buyers are looking for the perfect home. You and I both know when we are admiring beautifully staged HGTV homes we most definitely envision a flawless and carefree lifestyle. Staging the bedroom can be the final clincher on the deal of getting multiple offers on your house.

We are emotionally drawn to the showcased house and unfortunately look at our own homes with a sense of defeat. 

Piled in our bedrooms is a load of clothes that need to be folded, the kids’ Legos strewn across the floor, an empty soda can with a candy wrapper on the nightstand, and the bed-sheets thrown over the side of the bed. 

The walls have not been painted in years and the coverlet on the bed is at least 10 years old. Dated curtains hang lifeless at the window sill. You meant to change them out a few seasons ago, but life just got in the way.  Staging a bedroom will start first with the perfect paint color.

Stick to Neutral Paint Colors on Walls

Paint colors come in thousands of choices. It’s a bit overwhelming for the average homeowner, but it can be easy to choose paint colors that will help stage your bedroom to sell your home.  

Updating with paint colors and making every room appear larger than before will be critical to home staging a bedroom. Whites, beiges, and grays are neutral paint colors that will help lighten the bedroom and allow for it to be a canvas to showcase the bed, artwork, nightstands, lamps, and bed coverings.

The object is to appeal to the masses in marketing your home, so monochromatic on the walls is a must.

When choosing paint colors it’s important to note the color of your fixed décor within your home. For example, if the bedroom fireplace is brown, you need to pick a warm white (unless of course, you paint the fireplace!). If the fireplace is white, you can choose a cool white or gray paint color. 

Make the Bed Look Inviting in the Master Bedroom

Luxurious, serene, and comfortable – these three words are the epitome of staging master bedrooms.

Here are my seven easy steps for making a bed look inviting and irresistible to a prospective buyer:Making a Bed Look Inviting and Irresistible

  1. Lots of layers
  2. Texture
  3. Neutrality 
  4. A pop of color
  5. Headboard
  6. Artwork
  7. Pillows

In staging the bedroom it’s all about creating layers when making the bed.  Sheets, down comforter, a throw, bed skirt, shams, and pillows are all essential to create a layered bed that is lush and inviting. 

Texture helps create interest and appeal. Mix chenille pillows with a polished cotton comforter and a furry throw

Color when Staging a Bedroom

Neutral colors are the most acceptable for bedding, again appealing to the largest audience when selling your home.

Color helps create visual interest in decorating and design. Although I urge you to go neutral on walls and bedding, I also highly recommend pops of color that tie in with the surrounding décor. Take into account the predominant color in the artwork above the bed and add it into your décor with pillows or throw.

Always use a headboard and if you don’t have a headboard improvise by using an over-sized piece of art. 

Choose artwork that is simple and unpretentious. Modern artwork or natural landscape scenes are good options.

Pillows soften the bed and make it inviting.  I recommend two to three large pillows against the headboard (depending on the size). In front of those large pillows, add two smaller pillows and the final pillow in front of those two. 

Staging a Bedroom that is Smaller (Smallish?)

Small bedrooms need less furniture and accessories.  Beds are almost always the focal point in staging the bedroom unless there is a grand fireplace or stunning view that takes precedence. 

Position the bed so it is the first thing you see when you come into the room. I like using queen size beds even in small rooms. Use just one nightstand instead of two, with either a table lamp on it or a floor lamp on the other side of the bed. 

Place an appropriate size piece of artwork over the bed and soften the look with a plant or flowers on the nightstand. The overall new bedroom transformation will be dramatic and helps with getting your house sold quickly.