Stage a Kitchen in a Home for Sale by Owner (Occupied)

Stage a kitchen to refresh it to the gem it once was if you want to sell your house quickly. stage a kitchen Rule One Then staging a kitchen that shows off its assets, diminishes the not-so-good areas, and takes the breath away from your prospective buyer is critical to a quickly sold house.  

Remodeling a kitchen can be very expensive, but giving your kitchen a ‘refresh‘ is budget-friendly, easy to do yourself, and can make or break the sale of your home. 

Staging a kitchen begins by thoroughly decluttering and packing some items that are in your kitchen – before you put your house on the market. Pack extra sets of dishes, items you rarely use, and small appliances such as toaster oven, blender, and mixer. 

You will be living differently while your house is on the market. Everything you do from here on out will be to ‘market’ your house. 

Decluttering – First Step to Rule #1

Declutter all cabinets, refrigerator, and the pantry.  Be sure to clear items from the bottom of your pantry floor including cases of water, dog food, and storage bins. This showcases more space, which adds value to the potential buyers’ perspective. (Declutter EVERY Room – More Pics on my Facebook Page.)

Organize cabinet contents by stacking similar dishes together, cups on one shelf, plates on another.  Be sure all appliances are spotless. Clean the oven and refrigerator. Yes, your potential buyer will look in these areas! Remove all items from the top and face of the refrigerator. 

Replace or fix anything that is broken, including that leaky drain under your kitchen sink. Leaky faucets, dripping pipes under the sink, and dirty kitchens are a huge red flag for a buyer that tell them to RUN.  

Staging Kitchen Counter Tops

Less is more for staging kitchen counter-tops and establishing a dazzling perception of one of the most important rooms in a house. 

Limit the number of items on the kitchen counter so that most of the counter is showing open space. I stage kitchen counters with these items:

  • Cutting boards stacked against each other
  • French press with two coffee cups 
  • Bottles of Perrier 
  • Bowls of fruit or citrus
  • Fresh or good looking faux greenery
  • Three-tiered trays
  • Vases of flowers

The kitchen must be immaculate, fresh, and welcoming.  In preparing for your house to go on the market, be sure to set up an area for dining either at the kitchen counter or a small bistro table for two. 

Stage a Kitchen Island

Staging kitchen islands is the perfect place to set up place settings as if you are ready to sit down for a meal. Use placemats, plates, soup bowls, and linen napkins, all layered to entice the potential buyer to imagine themselves at this very meal!

When I stage kitchen islands, I incorporate a beautiful cookbook, opened to a page with a tantalizing meal. For added interest (and so inexpensive) stack two or three different cutting boards on the back-splash of the counter. Always have some type of greenery, succulents or flowers on display.

Kitchen Cabinet Paint as Needed

Sadly, many homeowners refuse to spend the money to paint old kitchen cabinets before placing their house on the market. The effectiveness of a new paint job is the most economical and impressive use of updating your dated kitchen cabinets to get your house sold quickly and for the most amount of money. 

Would you want to move into a house with chipped, dated, or distressed kitchen cabinets? Neither would your prospective buyer! So, bite the bullet and either paint the cabinets yourself or pay a painter to paint the cabinets for you.

I suggest painting the kitchen cabinets white as it is a clean, fresh look and helps to make any room look larger. Replace knobs if needed or at least polish them up.

From experience, I can tell you it’s much easier to pay someone to paint the kitchen cabinets. If you are a motivated DIY’er like I am, then painting them on your own will save you money. Following these steps will help to create a professional look that will transform your dated kitchen:

  • Choose your paint color
  • Empty and clean the cabinets with an appropriate cleaner such as TSP
  • Remove hardware, drawers, and doors from cabinetry labeling them so you can replace them exactly where they were originally
  • Patch deep scratches with appropriate filler for your cabinet material and lightly sand
  • Prime using a foam roller and dry completely
  • Lightly sand after priming
  • Paint two coats of paint, lightly sanding and thoroughly drying between coats 
  • Put the hardware back on and reinstall doors when completely dry

You may need several weeks to prepare your house to put it on the market. Your preparedness before staging, by taking care of clutter, repairs, cleaning, and painting, will be essential to staging a kitchen that prompts potential buyers to make an offer to buy your house. 

The same applies to staging a bathroom, so let’s move on…