For Sale by Owner Living Room Staging 

In a recent survey of 900 successful real estate agents, 84% of the realtors stated that staging a living room was ranked most important for the sale of the house. Critical in home staging a living room, owners need to create a room which is:

  • Defined by its purpose
  • Promotes a focal point
  • Portrays a neutral tone
  • Decluttered and limited furniture
  • Well lit by natural light or lamps
  • Balanced and symmetrical 

For Sale by Owner Living Room Staging | Before/After

Irvine Home Living Room BeforeIrvine Home Living Room Before

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In our active lifestyles of today, living rooms have become multi-functional rooms.  Whether watching Netflix, playing board games, reading, gathering as a family, or entertaining; the list of this room’s duties is vast. 

Arranging your furniture, limit the pieces within the room to:

  • A sofa
  • One or two accent chairs
  • A coffee table
  • Floor lamp
  • TV stand or credenza

This will assist in opening the space up.  Eliminate side tables, excess furniture, stacks of books, clutter, remotes, and anything that does not look model-home perfect.

Leave the corners bare, float furniture instead of placing it against a wall, and minimize everything.

Are your curtains outdated or tired? My advice is to remove them and leave the windows open to bring in natural light to help create the perspective of lots of real estate space, which presents more value to the potential buyer.

Accents and Picture Staging for a Living Room

Balance and placement of décor items in a living room will help set the stage for a room that wows potential buyers and prompts them to make an offer on your house. Consider these tips when staging a living room:

  • Two matching lamps on either side of a credenza with a piece of art in the middle
  • Three similar décor items on a coffee table
  • Art placed on a wall in a hallway that is directly in view of the living room

For a finished look to the living room, position artwork over the fireplace, the sofa, or a large wall.  

Set the coffee table with three décor items that are low enough to not block conversation. Those three items should be either similar or a combination of items such as a stack of two books, with an orb and a small vase of flowers. 

Balance and placement of décor items will create interest and calm, but not steal the show of the living room. Area rugs will help to ground the living room space.  

Color Matters with Staging a Living Room 

Let’s talk color palette! Neutral tones are always the safest bet when staging a home. However, neutral doesn’t mean boring. 

When home staging a living room, I like to keep the color tones neutral on the walls and carpeting, and then add bits of color to the accent décor. These accessories include lamps, artwork, pillows, throws, vases, and flowers.

Within the color palette, neutral paints may include grays, beiges, and whites. Neutral colors are simply those colors that appear to be without any color. They tend to go with everything on the color wheel and are easy to stage with.

When looking for complementary colors to add interest and pop to a living room use a color wheel for reference.  The color directly opposite another color on the wheel complements each other. 

Staging a Living Room Before and After Pictures

Living Room Before and After Staged by Alicia

As a homeowner preparing to place your house on the market, take steps to prepare yourself to transform the living room. 

Reviewing home staging before and after pictures will help dramatically in your pursuit of a perfectly staged living room (be sure to check out the before and afters here on my website).  Notice the limited amount of furnishings and décor accessories.

Before starting, always declutter and thoroughly clean, then follow these simple guidelines:

  • Limit the amount of furniture 
  • Place an area rug in the living room to ground the space
  • Arrange the furniture to face the focal point of the living room, which may be the fireplace, a show-stopping piece of art, or a window with a fabulous view
  • Float the furniture, if possible, so that it is not all against a wall
  • Create a center point for conversation, usually the coffee table, then arrange chairs and sofa accordingly 
  • Add not more than three décor items to the coffee table 
  • Place a throw neatly folded on an arm of a chair or gently positioned to create soft folds and fall to the floor.

Home staging the living room is about appealing to the largest audience, creating an emotional appeal of attachment to the room to get multiple offers in the shortest amount of time. 

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