Bathroom Staging for an Owner Occupied House 

Bathroom Staging | Selling your house entails marketing it to a large audience. To help with the sale of the house, I encourage staging the bathroom.  A bathroom may not be the reason a potential buyer buys your house, but if it is not staged, it could be the reason a potential buyer will refuse to make an offer. Bathroom Staging in a House For Sale by Owner Home

While complete bathroom remodels can easily cost well over $10k, a makeover, with some guidance, can be budget-friendly, stylish, and spa-like. Let’s get started!

The absolute most important aspect of preparing for bathroom staging is cleanliness. A dirty bathroom with soap scum in the tub, whisker droppings in the sink, mold in the shower caulking, and ring stains in the toilet bowl will be a big turnoff to your potential buyer. 

Begin staging the bathroom by removing everything from it. This includes all the items on the counters, soaps, shampoos from the shower, bath mats, toilet mats, toilet seat covers, toothbrushes, perfumes, and anything personal (especially medications for safe keeping). 

Scrub every detail of the bathroom including the baseboards, walls, shower doors, bath tiles, mirrors, sinks, faucets, and cabinets. No soap scum or hard water deposits should be anywhere in sight. If new paint is needed in this room, be sure to make this small investment, sticking to neutral colors.  

Tub nicks or cracks may be resurfaced instead of a pricey replacement tub, to help keep your budget in line. Dirty or moldy grout can easily be removed and caulked.  Leaky wax rings around the toilet should be repaired, along with any damage to flooring (a plumber may be needed to help you with this task). 

The bathroom staging needs to be as turn-key as possible. Buyers want a home that does not require repairs or remodeling. Showcase every room in your house to its best advantage. Staging the bathroom properly will help tremendously in getting those offers rolling in.  

Bathroom Staging for the Counter Top

Once all the cleaning and repairs have been made the next step is counter-top staging.

If your counter-top needs replacement, stone companies will often have partial slabs available for these types of small projects saving hundreds of dollars. Be cognizant of the sink and faucet, recognizing if they need replacement at the same time.

Counter-top staging should be done in the simplest of forms, to showcase all the space within the bathroom.  It’s all about selling a perspective – the more space a person sees, the more real estate, hence the higher the property value to them.  Here is a list of the items I use when counter-top staging a bathroom:

  • Glass, mirrored or ceramic tray with three items on it, including a glass jar with cotton balls, a wrapped scented soap, and a small faux succulent
  • Two large white towels rolled up and nestled in a wire basket with a starfish or faux succulent stem tucked into it
  • A vase with faux greenery and small white towels rolled up with a decorative scented candle

Staging Bathroom Cabinets

A multitude of options exists for your bathroom cabinets to take center stage while your house is being toured by prospective buyers. Without replacing cabinets, painting is the most popular form of transformation on a drab, lifeless, worn bathroom cabinet.

Replacing hardware is the finishing touch, similar to adding a watch or ring to your ensemble before heading out the door. When painting the cabinets, use neutral colors including black, white, brown, or gray to appeal to the widest audience. 

Staging Makeup Table

Vanity Table CloseupStaging makeup tables help create an incredible emotional appeal to buyers when bathroom staging. A makeup table is an added luxury item, one that many will envy if you properly set the bathroom staging!  

Proper lighting will be necessary, so if room permits, place a lamp on the makeup table. You can shop from other rooms in your house to find a lamp, if necessary.

No makeup table is complete without a great mirror. Place a stylish wall mirror on the wall, or a large magnifying makeup mirror or a trifold mirror that stands on the makeup table.  

Add some simple luxurious items such as a pretty tray with a piece of white faux coral and a small container that holds a few clean makeup brushes, a vase of flowers or greenery. Be sure to add a vanity stool or chair when staging the makeup table. Avoid clutter!

If using a chair, consider placing a pillow on it and even a nicely folded throw on the backside of for more visual interest. Never leave your personal items in view, especially jewelry or valuables.

Staging the bathroom will show you give attention to every detail. It will also help give another reason (and a fabulous room) for a potential buyer to make an offer.