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Staging Homeowner Homes | As a Certified Staging Design Professional™, I’ve had the opportunity in house staging to view lots of homes whether they are vacant or occupied by the owner and fully furnished or partially furnished.

Living Room Staging | Owner Occupied Home for Sale

Whether the rooms are traditional, contemporary, Bohemian interior design, or a mixture of a variety of styles, I almost always surmise there is too much furniture and clutter in the living room for properly staging a house.

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Irvine Home Living Room BeforeIrvine Home Living Room Before

Before the staging of the living room there are a series of steps that the owner must complete:Staging Homeowner Homes | Clear Clutter

  • Declutter TV stands, bookcases, coffee tables and remove things that are stacked and don’t belong in the room – all a necessity before the house staging
  • Thorough cleaning of the living room including wiping down baseboards, dusting ceiling fans, washing carpeting and flooring, and polishing furniture
  • Pre-pack personal items such as books, hobby collections, and games
  • Reduce the amount of furniture in the living room and temporarily place in storage, or a friend’s garage
  • Remove old or dated curtains or window treatments

Staging day should be focused on defining the room’s purpose, the arrangement of the living room furniture, and placing décor accessories and artwork that helps create an emotional appeal for the potential buyer.

Staging Homeowner Homes
Bedroom Staging | House for Sale by Owner

Bedroom staging follows the same initial rules as above in house staging a living room. It’s easy to define the purpose of a bedroom – the bed is almost always the focal point.

Position the bed so it is on the first wall you see when entering the room. The bedding should be neutral, adding color with 3 to 5 décor pillows to tie in with a predominant color in the artwork over the bed, or the color of the lamp base.

Symmetry is important for bedrooms as it creates a subconscious feeling of calm and tranquility, essential for a peaceful night’s sleep. It also helps in creating an emotional response from the potential buyer – which in turn means making an offer on the house.

Symmetry in the bedroom is easily done in a home staging by:

  • Placing either matching nightstands or similar height nightstands, tables, or chests on either side of the bed
  • Positioning matching lamps on the nightstands for optimal symmetry in house staging a bedroom

Finishing touches may include a small vase of flowers on one nightstand, a throw neatly folded at the foot of the bed, and a simple piece of artwork over the headboard.

Stage a Kitchen in a House for Sale by Owner with Furniture & Appliances

Staging a kitchen is one of the easiest rooms in the home for house staging, in my humble and experienced opinion! The purpose of the kitchen is very easily defined as a room for cooking, eating, and possibly entertaining.

A staged kitchen should never have dirty dishes in the sink, pots, and pans stacked in the drying rack, nor counters filled with small appliances.

My goal in staging a kitchen is to create the dream kitchen for a client:

  • Preset a breakfast nook table or island with place settings, including place mats, dishes, silverware, and cloth napkins
  • Open up a cookbook to an enticing picture of a baked dessert or scrumptious meal
  • A vase with flowers or greenery always softens the hard lines of kitchen counters and cabinetry
  • Fresh lemons or oranges in a bowl on the kitchen counter are a welcome sight

The purpose of house staging a kitchen is to lure the prospective buyer into falling in love with the room, imagining the perfect world, and provides the perspective that this house will positively change their lifestyle.

In the potential buyer’s mind, a sparkling clean kitchen, beautiful décor accessories, a table already set for a meal, and hints of what is to come (pictures of exquisite meals from the open cookbook) will help move them to close the deal on the house.

Owner Occupied House Bathroom Staging

Master Bath Click to ENLARGEBathroom staging could make or break the deal for you. This room must be squeaky clean from floor to ceiling. Broken faucets, chipped toilet seats, mold in caulking around the tub and tile, soap scum on shower doors, all scream “RUN” to the potential buyer.

Don’t lose the sale of your home by neglecting this room. Fix anything in this room that requires fixing before putting the house on the market.

Purge everything from the bathroom counter tops, especially open bars of soap in a dish, prescriptions, toiletries including shampoos and conditioners in the shower. I go as far as to remove weight scales, trash cans, and toilet brush wands.

Everything I do in house staging is to create a perfect world for the potential buyer where they can see themselves enjoying living in the house. Details count in house staging!

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