Living Room Curtain Ideas

Creating a list of living room curtain ideas helps to make an educated decision that works within the parameters of the interior decorating style of your living room.  With thousands of choices of living room curtain ideas, it is best to format a game plan before you begin your search and start making expensive purchases.  Your decisions to choose living room curtains should be based on the:

  • Benefits of the curtains
  • Various types of décor style
  • Color options that tie in with your decor style
  • Fabric options for material, texture, and design
  • Ability to clean and care for the fabric
  • Pricing within your interior decorating budget

Depending on your décor budget for your living room curtain ideas, you can choose from store-bought curtain panels, custom curtains, create your own, or purchase already made curtains and alter the look by dying, adding different color panels to the tops, sides or bottoms of the panel, or adding décor trim. 

Curtain Ideas in Living Room |Living Room Curtain Ideas

A list of curtain ideas in living room help gather your thoughts and determine those styles that are aesthetically pleasing, and fulfill several basic needs for a comfortable home.  Let’s consider some of the benefits of living room curtains so that we can narrow down your needs and desires to make a well thought out interior decorating choice.

  • Creates privacy and intimacy
  • Helps with noise reduction and echoes in a room
  • Frames a window or view
  • Generates an illusion of ceiling height
  • Darkens a room for a good night’s sleep
  • Establishes an overall finished look to the room
  • Divide off rooms without the use of screens or walls

Mentally check off the list of benefit items that will relate to what you need to achieve for your living room décor plan.  Match the benefits with the different styles that allow the versatility of function and beauty.  Determine what style is appropriate for your living room and those who will be using this room most (this includes our four-legged furry friends).

The choices for living room curtains is mind-boggling.  The design world is bursting at the seams in ingenuity and creativity to provide every imaginable choice to the decorating industry. A quick search on Wayfair produced nearly 12,000 curtain buying options! Curtains, window treatments of any kind, can be a huge household investment.  I recently did a redesign makeover of a client’s home and  the custom curtain expenses cost more than $22,000 for four main rooms of the home.

Curtain Styles Living Rooms | Living Room Curtain Ideasliving room curtain ideas

One of the most common curtain styles living rooms showcase is the pinch pleat curtain which gathers pockets of fabric in neat and tidy pleats at the top of the curtain panel.  Curtain hooks secure the panel to the rod. However, in the contemporary and transitional décor, grommet curtains are easy to hang and give a sense of more relaxed style.  Other choices of curtains include:

  • Rod-pocket curtains (easy to slip onto curtain rod without additional hardware)
  • Valances for top of the window treatment
  • Tab-top curtains (casual look, easy to install)
  • Balloon shade (more detailed workmanship and often more expensive)
  • Swag curtains

Take into consideration that all living room curtains require routine cleaning, whether professionally dry cleaned, vacuumed, or washed by hand or machine. Because of this, fabric options also should be considered in the variables before buying your living room curtains. There are many store-bought options to fulfill your list of needs.

Author Joanne Thomas states, “Decorator fabrics, which occupy their own section of a fabric store, are generally the best choice for curtain-making, especially if your curtains will get a lot of use in terms of opening and closing, and if you intend for them to last many years.” Her article goes into detail on selecting curtain fabric

Hundreds of thousands of curtain options are available which creates a lot of overwhelm and confusion for many people when they are selecting curtains. Stick with your checklist of benefits, styles you love, maintenance and care, and pricing you can afford. Narrow down your choices to what works best and that you truly love. Above all, enjoy the process, and if the services of an interior decorator or interior designer are required, it’s a small investment for a big decision on styling and decorating your home.