Your bedroom can be more than just a place to sleep. It can also be your inner sanctum, where you begin and end the day by reading, relaxing or just unwinding. If your bedroom needs more serenity and less drama, try these seven ideas to create the comfortable, restful space you’ve always dreamed of. Most of the rooms in your home buzz with activity—the living room is always ready for a party or family gathering, the kitchen is the busy work centre of the home, and the bathroom caters to your every basic need. There’s just one household space designated to calm and comfort you—the bedroom. Bring the peaceful feeling in and keep the hustle-and-bustle of the rest of your house out by following these tips to create a relaxing bedroom that will restore your energies. 

Bedroom Decor

Bedrooms should be our sanctuaries, a place of rest, a private room filled with things we cherish and love, and a place to rejuvenate our bodies. In our modern world of technology, we often overload our bedrooms with workspaces, laptops, TVs, and cell phones.  We cannot let go of our day to day duties if we can’t turn off the technology.

I encourage you to rethink your bedroom décor, so that you can have a place of quiet refuge, pleasantly get lulled to sleep each night, and awake refreshed and well-rested.

Bedroom Décor | Creating a Comfortable, Calming, and Cozy Bedroom Retreat Is Critical When Selling a Home

Critical to creating a comfortable, calming, and cozy bedroom retreat is having an atmosphere of calm. The colour palette within your bedroom sanctuary should be serene and tranquil.  Calm colours include blue, green, pink, white, and grey.  Lavender is also a delightfully fresh option.  

Different hues of these colours can provide a variety of shades.  I recommend buying a small quart of the colour you choose, paint a couple of white poster boards, and then tape them to various walls of the room.

Colour is created by the light that reflects upon it. Wait a day or two and look at the colours during different times of the day.  Then make your choice.  Paint is the most affordable, budget-friendly way to decorate.  If you make a mistake in colour, it’s an easy fix.

The bed is the focal point of the room.  Unless you have a magnificent view or fireplace, the bed always takes centre stage in the bedroom.  Hundreds of options exist for creating a bed.  Start with the size of bed you feel you can comfortably rest in alone, or with your partner.

What Matters in a Bedroom – Size Matters

I recommend nothing smaller than a queen-sized bed, which looks great in most rooms. If you opt for a king-sized bed, your room needs to have the appropriate space for it without feeling cramped or overloaded with furnishings.  Give yourself 36 inches between furnishings to move around comfortably.


Luxuriousness Makes a difference When I come to Bedroom Décor

Luxurious bedding will be the icing on the cake for your bed.  Buy quality sheets and bed pillows.  Be sure to protect your mattress with a cover that can be easily laundered in a washing machine.  Consider a memory foam pad or memory foam mattress for added comfort and luxury. 

Down comforters or alternative down comforters add fullness and soften all the hard lines of the bed.  Layers of bedding, such as sheets, comforters, throws, and decorative pillows will create the wow factor when you walk into the room and become irresistible to falling into bed for a quick nap, a good read, or simply going to bed for the night.

A small retreat within your bedroom helps this room become something you look forward to at the end of the day.  If you have room, include one or two chairs and a reading light.  The chairs need to be extra comfortable, preferably with a footstool close by. 

Wrap a soft and inviting throw across the chair for those nights when it is cool. A small table near your chair is practical, so you can place a glass of wine, a cup of tea, or a book on it.   

Lighting plays an important role here too.  Bedside lighting is necessary for reading in bed, but try to keep the reading material “light” and not work related to allow yourself to relax and start to unwind from the day. A floor lamp in a nearby corner will help provide light coverage throughout the room.  Symmetry is very calming, so I recommend matching lamps on either side of the bed.  The nightstands or tables do not have to match each other, but their height should be the same so that the lamps are the same height on either side of the bed.

The artwork is a thing of beauty, and every bedroom should have at least one piece.  If the headboard is not too high, art over the bed helps build on the focal point of the room.  A few favorite family photographs are perfect accompaniments to the bedside tables for your décor accessories.

Essential oils are available to help create the mood of quiet and calm in your bedroom. Lavender is well known for its calming effects. I often spray a lavender linen spray on my sheets and pillows before retiring to take advantage of the benefits to help with insomnia, anxiety, and restlessness.

Music is also part of creating your sanctuary.  In choosing the perfect music for this room, keep in mind that you want to unwind and relax. Amazon has some great affordable choices:

Most important in this bedroom retreat are things that bring calm and order to your life.  Our days can be so hectic and busy, that it is essential to find time to ourselves, in a place of beauty, quiet, tranquillity, where we can rest, rejuvenate, and wake up to a fresh new day.