Interior Decorating Ideas for Homes and More

Imagine your beautiful home, with amazing interior decorating ideas implemented and being the talk of all your friends and family.  Simple changes can bring dramatic results, even in the most ordinary homes. 

decorating ideas french armoire needs lpaint

Decorating Ideas – This French Arm0ire Needs Paint

Let’s think out of the typical décor box for a moment and consider these options for dramatic and affordable interior decorating ideas:

  • Paint all your walls, trim, doors the same color: powder blue, mint green, or cheerful yellow
  • Paint your stairs with a faux runner, or bold black, or paint on stenciled designs
  • Paint exposed pipes, air conditioning ducts, and over-sized air vents to call attention to them for an industrial look
  • Paint focal walls with horizontal or vertical stripes mixing the base color as much as 150% lighter than the base coat
  • Opposites attract – use the color wheel to see the color which is directly opposite of another color for a fabulous complement in your decor: blue/orange, yellow/purple, red/green   
  • Paint furniture including nightstands, armoires, headboards, chairs, and tables: Be brave and bold such as satin black or high gloss red

Painting is the best way to create visual interest in a room. It transforms a room from boring and dull to fresh and exciting acting as a canvas for your furniture, artwork, curtains, rugs, and décor accessories  

Interior Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms

The options for decorating your living room are virtually endless.  With the hundreds of design styles, thousands of paint colors, and artwork choices, there is no reason that your home can’t be as unique and interesting as you are!

Consider what design style you are attracted to, such as, contemporary, farmhouse, bohemian, or industrial.  Beautifully designed and decorated homes often take in multiple design styles. 

Choose the one style that you tend to favor the most and build on that style with a secondary style, using the 80/20 rule. Eighty percent of the room will be your favored style, 20% will be the secondary style. 

Some interior decorating ideas for your living room include:

  • Wallpaper or upholster a single focus wall
  • Use symmetry for a more formal/traditional feel, asymmetry for casual
  • Window treatments enhance a beautiful view or hide one that is not so pleasant – bare can look fabulous too
  • Update a fireplace with paint, tile, stone, bead board, cement, or stucco
  • Be sure to hang art so that it is visibly appreciated – the middle of art being 62 inches from the floor
  • Layer rugs – large area rug first and then a small one on top that may define a particular area
  • Create a gallery wall of pictures either matching or vastly different in size and frame color

Interior Decorating Ideas for Kitchens

Kitchens are truly the heart of the home. Kitchens must not only look good but should stand up to a lot of traffic and daily use. Function is critical when designing a kitchen and these interior decorating ideas will help pull the whole look together:

  • Paint or stain the island a different color than the rest of the cabinetry
  • Lean a piece of artwork such as a botanical print on a section of back-splash 
  • Make use of your cutting boards and stack them in threes against the back-splash 
  • Have fabulous lighting over the island (two or three great-looking pendants)
  • Create a coffee or wine bar on one of the counter areas 
  • Use floating shelves for extras such as cookbooks, dishes, or plants/succulents
  • More Ideas Here

Interior Decorating Ideas for Bedrooms

One of my most favorite rooms to decorate in a home is the bedroom. This specialty place is a refuge from the outside world and can take on many different looks. There is a myriad of options for decorating a bedroom.  Some highlights of interior decorating ideas for bedrooms include:

  • Arrange bed on the focus wall and anchor with a large rug
  • Wallpaper the focus wall or do a different color paint than the rest of the room
  • Mix up nightstands, instead of being too matched, being sure they are of the same height for the most appeal
  • Lighting installed on the walls for reading in bed is functional and beautiful
  • Multiple layers of bedding and an abundance of pillows will showcase the bed 
  • A set of comfy chairs at the foot of the bed, a long bench, or a two small matching benches invites someone to sit down

Decorating evolves. Expect to make changes as your tastes change through the years. Enjoy the process of decorating your home, making it more of a journey than a contest to complete by a certain date.