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As a woman-owned, small family business, I take immense pride in my interior decorating services offered by Decorating Solutions by Alicia. Decorating homes has been a passion of mine for many years. 

Each of my clients has unique situations, different budgets, and various levels of interest in participating in the interior decorating/designing process. 

Costs vary, depending on the number of rooms, the complexity of the process, and the amount of time required for organizing and implementing the decorating plan.  

My goal is to present a variety of services, at all budget levels, so that none of my clients need to go without an interior decorator to help them through the process of redecorating their home-sweet-home.  (See more on my Houzz Site)

My Interior Decorating Services Include, But are not Limited to, the Following Interior Decorator Services:

  • Consulting on an individual room or whole house ‘refresh’
  • Guidance on the interior design style 
  • Selection of window treatments
  • Color schemes and paint selection
  • Furniture purchases 
  • Arranging furniture layouts 
  • Wall art selection and hanging
  • Assistance in flooring selection 
  • Personal home décor shopping 
  • Holiday decorating & Christmas tree décor trimming
  • Resources for contractors, painters, photographers, realtors, and more

My one-on-one interior decorating services address all of your needs, desires, and concerns. The consultation includes a discussion of your budget and different options of decorating solutions to put you at ease.  

A home interior decorating company comes in all sizes and shapes.  As a small business owner, I don’t disseminate my projects to others. I work directly with each client through the entire decorating process, always making myself available for discussion and visits to the property. 

Interior Decorating Service for the Holidays

Interior decorating for the holidays can add incredible stress to our lives. Between the shopping for those very special gifts, attending holiday events, and creating menus for our own dinner parties, we stretch ourselves to the limit. Instead of enjoying the holidays, we find ourselves overworked, moody, and even sleep-deprived.  

Why not remove some of the stress and anxiety that is on your holiday plate and allow yourself to be spoiled with some help in your holiday decorating?

Utilizing your holiday decorations or providing me a budget to purchase unique holiday décor for your home, I can quickly and skillfully decorate your home.   Holiday Christmas trees and trimmings, Fourth of July BBQs, New Year’s Eve parties, Thanksgiving dinner tables – these are all options for allowing you to enjoy the holiday and turn the ‘decorating tasks’ over to me.  

Need just one room decorated? No problem! I love all holiday decorating jobs, big and small. 

Commercial Interior Decorating Business Offices

The competition is fierce between businesses and being a step ahead of your competitor is a win for your bottom line profit line.   A well thought out commercial interior décor sets the bar for your business. 

When a customer sees a well-designed and decorated office, it provides them the perspective that you are a profitable business owner. People like to do business with those who are successful.  

Go the extra step this year and hire an interior decorator/designer for a holiday event that sets a joyful tone not only with your clients but your staff too. My commercial interior decorating services also include holiday decorating for: 

  • Car dealerships
  • Beauty & nail salons
  • Restaurants
  • Office lobbies
  • Boutique stores

My holiday decorating schedule fills up quickly.  Be sure to schedule ahead of time to get the preferred date and time that works for you. 

Interior Decorating Consulting Process

The interior decorating consulting process is a series of strategic steps that allow me as an interior decorator to ascertain your needs, wants, and desires for your home or business decorating project. Upon confirming our one-on-one consultation, you can expect this series of stages when utilizing my interior decorating services:

  • A sit-down meeting, face-to-face, to address your specific needs, wants, and desires
  • A walk-through of the property, addressing your concerns and problems that require solutions
  • A budget that allows us to work intelligently, prioritizing what should be purchased
  • Required date of completion of the project
  • A plan of action, including options for furniture, artwork, and décor accessories that may be approved by you before purchase
  • Implementation of the arrangement of furniture, window treatments, flooring, artwork and décor

The most important part of the interior decorating-design process is that you have a home or office that is welcoming, comfortable, stylish, and above all meets your personal needs.  

Be selective in choosing the interior decorator/designer you work with. Ask them pertinent questions. Look at their website or portfolio of work to ensure it is on the level you require.  Inquire about their liability insurance and references. 

Finally, be sure the interior decorator/designer you hire listens to you and provides real solutions and great interior decorating ideas

Decorating Solutions by Alicia…I hope to be your interior decorator choice!