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Confusion about Interior Decorator vs Interior Designer 

With the broad appeal of HGTV and the hottest rage of interior decorating, house remodels, redesigns and makeovers, there is a lot of confusion on the difference between an interior decorator and interior designer. The two experts are not the same. In fact the two are strikingly different.  

An interior designer is fundamentally different in that they are formally educated in residential and commercial properties to create functional spaces based on people’s behavior, culture, and quality of life.

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Interior designers are trained in space planning, can make structural changes such as moving walls and relocating plumbing. They work directly with the architect and contractors and are aware of all the intricacies of building codes. Interior designers design interiors, but can still be well versed in interior decorating.  

An interior decorators’ profession is to understand the client’s lifestyle and passion so that the completed project will reflect a homeowner’s tastes, activities, hobbies, and desires.  

An interior decorator does not require formal training or certification, but they may have it. An interior decorator works to create aesthetically pleasing rooms, featuring: 

  • Furniture placement & styles 
  • Proper scale and balance
  • Selecting color schemes
  • Deciding on window treatments 
  • Selecting flooring and lighting
  • Choosing fabrics & rugs
  • Selecting artwork, plants, décor accessories

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5 Homes, Different Sizes, Different Styles

Here’s an interesting tidbit of Pure Wow Entertainment: The widely popular, Joanna Gaines, from the Fixer Upper, has a bachelor’s degree in communications. Joanna Gaines is a perfect example of someone who is naturally talented, creative, and savvy in interior decorating.

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The Gold Stars on this ^Map^ indicate my Favorite Home Staging project cities.

If you Google’d Interior Decorator near me or Interior Decorating (Service, Services, Company, Companies, etc.) near me and ended up on this page, there is a very high likelihood you are doing your search from one of the following areas of Orange County California that I service with the Interior Decorating side of my business.

Interior Decorating Service Areas

I do interior decorating primarily in the following service areas of Orange County, CA;


Anaheim Hills: 92807, 92808 Yorba Linda: 92885, 92886, 92887, Irvine: 92604, 92612, 92614, 92620, 92623

So regardless where you’re searching from, if the home or room in a home you’re considering Interior Decorating or redecorating for is in any of those areas, I’m the Interior Decorator geographically near you.

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Home Interior Decorator Room by Room

Dining Room staged by AliciaA good home interior decorator will listen to their prospective client’s needs before undertaking any project. A project may entail a single room refresh, a makeover of a series of rooms, or a whole house decorating job. 

Important to the home interior decorator is to understand your sense of style, which is the type of furnishings and accessories you enjoy and feel comfortable in. I have learned to suggest to my clients to share with me a favorite fabric they love, a piece of furniture or art or memorabilia they don’t want to part with, and how they spend their time in their home.

These are simple ways to get to know my client and help create a home that they will cherish and comfortably surrender to at the end of the day. 

Budgeting for an interior decorating job is important. With a budget, a home interior decorator has a sense of priorities for each room and can scale back on certain items that may not be needed in the early phases of decorating. It’s important to my clients too, as very few of us have a ‘skies the limit budget’.

Interior Decorating Ideas

Thankfully, there are several options to help a homeowner decorate their home. They include:

  • DIY: These are homeowners looking for expert advice on what to do, where to buy, and how to arrange. Initial consultation from the home interior decorator can provide lots of direction for them, so they can start their DIY decorating with more confidence.
  • Consultation & Shopping: An initial consult with a home interior decorator can help the client select a color theme and style of the room. Interior decorators can help shop for items, either via storefront or online.  
  • One Day Refresh: An interior decorator can perform a hands-on rearrangement of furniture, artwork, décor accessories for a refresh of the room – often using only what the client has in their home and in one day.
  • Large projects: A home interior decorator can work on a complete makeover of the home, selecting flooring, window treatments, furniture, plants, and décor accessories of which the client should love.

Interior Decorating Styles
3 Trending Style Types in California’s Orange County

Interior decorating styles can be confusing because many are similar, but research shows there are definitive interior decorating styles for each category. Five trending interior decorating styles include:

  • Contemporary: Simple furnishings, clean lines, neutral colors, and textures
  • Traditional: Furnishings indicative of the 18th and 19th centuries, including rich dark woods, comfortable furniture, antiques, symmetrical lines, and warm colors 
  • Transitional: A combination of traditional and contemporary design, creating a fresh and timeless look 
  • Minimalist: Monochromatic, functional furnishings, the bare minimum in accessories
  • Industrial: The use of vintage furniture, glass, metals, unfinished materials, reclaimed wood, neutral tones, and showcasing normally concealed building materials such as beams and pipes. 

Many trends are constantly evolving in interior decorating styles. Literally, hundreds of options await the client, and mixing styles from several categories creates an even bigger choice to personalize any interior space.