Staging a Bathroom

home staging realtor cleaning bathroomIn the home staging industry, all the bells and whistles are pulled out when staging the living room, dining room, master bedroom, and kitchen.  But what about staging a bathroom which needs a makeover too?

Bathrooms are private spaces and not always so inviting. Staging a bathroom with the intent to create a wow factor will require following these bathroom staging tips to get the offers rolling in:

  • Squeaky clean from top to bottom: shower stalls, tiles, window ledges, baseboards

  • Neutral paint colors that relate to cleanliness (whites!)

  • Removal of dated wall coverings and any carpet

  • Repair of any leaks from a faucet or around the toilet

  • Invest in new counter tops if dated

  • Paint tired or dated cabinetry

  • Soften the counters with a vase and greenery, bars of wrapped/scented soap, a tray of white towels, and any spa-like décor accessories

A potential buyer doesn’t want to see mold, leaky faucets, dated shower doors, soap scum, or anything remotely related to dirt or germs in this room.

Very dated bathrooms may have a vintage tile with colors that make it difficult to tone down. However, using paint that is similar to the vintage tile will help to restore the bathroom without spending a lot of money.

This ‘look’ is considered more trendy or retro and with a few accessories can win over the potential buyer.

These bathroom staging tips are necessary to take to convince a prospective buyer that if they purchase this house, there will be no issues they have to contend with when they take ownership. Think turnkey – so the For Sale sign will quickly say, “Sold”!

Stylish Master Bathroom Staging

Staging a Bathroom Process:

    Staging a Bathroom is a Process

      Staging a Bathroom Process


      The process for staging a bathroom starts after the bathroom has been impeccably cleaned, decluttered, and painted if needed. Here is the staging bathroom process that will help with getting your house sold:

          1. Artwork positioned over the towel bar, a bathtub, or toilet will help make the room feel less sterile. Bathrooms can be boring, but not if you take advantage of creating a room that is in flawless order and styled to perfection. The artwork should tie in with the rest of your décor color palette. Eliminate any cutesy bath décor for the walls.  Aim for prints that are at least 12×12 or larger for the most impact. 
          2. Always have fresh white towels hanging neatly from the towel bar. Roll a few towels and place them in a wired basket, and position a faux succulent or starfish on top. Stack three towels and set them on a stool next to the bathtub.  Be sure the towels are white and not dingy gray. Purchase a few sets that are brand new for your staging.  You can take them with you to your new home.
          3. Countertops should be limited to décor accessories. Never leave your toothbrushes, prescriptions, or personal items on the counter.  Position three décor vases of various heights and in the same color or complementary color palette as the artwork.  Or consider a vase of fresh flowers. As a Certified Staging Design Professional™, I opt for faux succulents or faux flowers that look real and don’t require any further attention. 
          4. If a shower curtain is required, opt for white with some texture. If the area of the shower has tall ceilings, consider using a regular white curtain and shower curtain rod that hangs higher than the top of the shower.  Department stores stock affordable 96-inch curtains that would work well for this purpose. Look for the large size grommets that will easily slide onto a shower curtain rod.
          5. Floors should remain bare unless the bathroom sink area has room for a long carpet runner. This carpet runner will help draw the eye out to make the bathroom appear larger. Do not have rugs at the toilet base or toilet seat covers on the toilet.

      Staging a bathroom is very easy: keep it simple, tidy, and remember to remove wastebaskets, toilet bowl cleaner wands, weight scales, and any paraphernalia that will distract the prospective buyer.  Less is more here!

      The groupings should be 3 or maybe 4 items (Using a larger items on the bottom as a base) – a few of my go-to items are: candles, small plant (Foliage with multiple shades of green), or a small floral arrangement.

      Some small hardcover books with neat covers (use as a base for the grouping), glass or crystal-look for accouterments’ such as accent colored bars of soap, small nice baskets filled with fresh and fluffy rolled washcloths, smaller framed  and leaning art pieces, ceramic bowl filled with small wrapped soaps or bath salts, a small tray (as a base – mirrored bottom with a brass or silver frame is always nice), a group of colored glass apothecary type jars.

      The KISS Methodology Applies

      Keep it very simple – these are the only 3 areas I style and I keep the counter styling very small and easy – remember; less is more so don’t overdo it! Too much can look too busy and starts to look cluttered.

      Staging a Bathroom for Guests 

      Consider guest bathroom staging in an overall plan to stage a home. Simplify the process by removing all clutter, including prescriptions, hairdryers, lotions, and soaps. This includes the contents of the cabinet under the sink and filled to the brim medicine cabinets. Organize it!

      Staging a Bathroom Preparation | DEEP CLEAN

      Clean all soap scum from shower doors, mold, and mildew from caulking (redo the caulking if necessary). All sinks, toilets, and counter-tops should be spotless. Toilet bowls should be scoured until pristine white. 

      If the bathroom is dirty, potential buyers will be turned off and wonder what else is ‘wrong’ with the house.

      Replace a broken or dated toilet seat and replace any burned out light bulbs. Remove all rugs, especially a rug around a toilet. 

      Add fresh white towels to the towel bar, a vase of greenery (Hobby Lobby has ferns & eucalyptus branches for reasonable prices), and place just three sprigs of greenery in the vase. 

      Be sure to add some interest by placing a piece of artwork on a bare wall.  Modern artwork is usually the safest bet for the general public, but don’t be afraid to put up a framed print of a sea turtle, an ocean view, or a more whimsical print. 

      Staging Ideas for a Bathroom

      Here is a list of 10 staging ideas for a bathroom:

      1. Make it squeaky clean. Any dirt/grime/soap scum will turn off a potential buyer.
      2. Eliminate all clutter.
      3. Replace or repair broken or leaky faucets.
      4. Replace dated toilet seats.
      5. Remove the rugs around the toilet! 
      6. Remove laundry hamper and tuck into a spare closet.
      7. Add fresh sparkling white towels.
      8. Add artwork where appropriate (over a toilet or towel bars).
      9. Add greenery or floral additions in a vase near the sink.
      10. Add scented bars of wrapped soap on a counter for a pleasant but not overpowering fresh smell.

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