Home Office or Den Staging 

Incorporating staging into all the rooms of the house, including the home office or den staging will help sell the house faster.

Statistics show that there is a direct association between the amount of money that is spent on staging and the time spent on the market. If it’s within budget, stage the entire house including the home office or den. home office small set up

A den can be turned into a home office, a hobby room, a retreat, or a workout room.  Simple staging accessories and a few pieces of furniture can create this transformation.

An estimated 3.9 million people work from home at least part of the time. In today’s world, a home office is often a priority for many families and since COVID-19 that number is increasing. 

Setting up a home office is as simple as finding a small nook area, a retreat area in a master bedroom, or a spare bedroom to easily establish an office workspace.

An area rug, with a small desk, chair, and lamp is all that is required to get the office vibes rolling and allow the prospective buyer to visualize working in that area.

Home Office Desk Staging 

Clear the clutter to prepare for home office desk staging. Prospective buyers want to imagine an office that welcomes them in. A pile of documents, scattered books, a mess of files, lots of tangled computer cords will not set the tone needed to give the desired look. 

Begin by removing everything from the desk. Think about what is essential to a workspace, but keep in mind it’s not necessary to fill the desk with stuff. It can be as easy as placing a lamp on one corner. Here are a few ideas to set the ‘stage’:

  • An appropriately sized lamp for the desk
  • A comfortable chair
  • Small plant or vase of flowers
  • Stacked reference books (no more than 3)
  • Complementary décor accessory 
  • Tumbler filled with newly sharpened pencils 

If the office is not carpeted, place an area rug that will encompass the entire desk and chair. This helps ground the desk and makes it a focal point. 

Consider moving a rug that is not needed in another area of the house. It’s okay to shop from other rooms of the house instead of going out to purchase things new. This is true for all the items used to home stage the office. 

Staging Ideas for Home Library or Den 

Often, beautiful high-end homes have a luxurious home library or den which makes a prospective buyer ooh-and-ahh. As a homeowner with a large collection of books, consider making one of the rooms within the house a home library or a den with a reading nook. 

Stacking books on bookshelves in groups Book Shelves Staged Stylishly by Aliciaof two or three help provide a sense of order.  Add in a few décor accessories, but don’t overdo it! There are a few ways to make bookshelves interesting:

  • Reverse a book so that the binder is at the back of the bookcase and the white pages are viewable
  • Leave some open spaces on the bookshelf so it appears there is room for more. This helps with the perspective of feeling clutter-free, provide an illusion of more storage space, and is visually appealing
  • Arrange books by color (red with red, blue with blue)
  • When working with dark bookshelves, place light-colored décor objects for added punch

Place a tall plant in the corner of a room, add a striking piece of artwork over a fireplace or bare wall, set a comfortable chair with a reading light to showcase a room of comfort, relaxation, and tranquility. Don’t overdo the staging. Keep it simple and uncluttered. 

Home staging is about marketing the house to prompt prospective buyers to place full-priced offers, create multiple offers, and sell the home as quickly as possible.

Home libraries and dens will give would-be buyers the imagination to see how they could live and create the emotional appeal required for them to take the next step – submitting an offer.

Den Staging 

Den staging allows for a myriad of opportunities to sell the targeted buyer. The key is to create a room that allows the potential buyer to stay a while and imagine themselves in the room. Create interest in a den by limiting the pieces of furniture and use only what is needed. Remove any personal items for two reasons.

  1. Protect your identity 
  2. Open up the opportunity for your potential buyer to see him/herself in your house

In a small den, add one or two pieces of artwork on the walls. The artwork color should also be reflected in a few other pieces in the den, such as throw pillows, a vase, or a throw. It gives a lot of impact and wow factor in home staging. The bottom line, each room should reflect care, interest, and appeal to potential buyers, so they are interested in walking from one room to the next.

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