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Vacant Home Staging for Realtors Room by Room

Home Staging Room by Room for Realtors

Let’s Break Things Down and Consider Staging for Realtors Room by Room. Kitchen After Staging by AliciaOn this page you will find brief descriptions of  home staging the 5 major rooms in any home listed for sale by a Real Estate Agent; starting with my favorite, the Kitchen.

Staging a Kitchen

Each room in the house that is on the market must clearly define what its primary function is. The kitchen as to home staging for Realtors is no exception. Although staging a kitchen may feel simple enough, several factors are involved to grab the attention of the prospective buyer. They include:

  • A comfortable and inviting eating area (breakfast bar, table, buffet island, etc.)
  • Pantry for storing food and items
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  • Substantial cabinet space for storing food and essentials
  • Generous counter space for preparing meals
  • Overall size (note that dark cabinetry, clutter, and lots of throw rugs can diminish the look of size in a kitchen)
  • Cleanliness, organized, and clutter-free

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Staging a Bedroom to Sell

Santa Ana, CA Home Bedroom After Staging by AliciaIn staging a bedroom to sell a house, the main bedroom is always the first place to position a luxurious bed with sparkling linens, pillows, and soft throws, to create a home sanctuary of relaxation. Symmetry establishes a feeling of calm.  

Placing matching nightstands and lamps on either side of the bed allows for this euphoric mood setting. Calm colors, cozy corners to read with ample lighting, and a comfortable chair help to create a feeling of peace and tranquility.

A Word About COVID-19 and Home Staging for Realtors – I Stage SAFE

Keep in mind that in today’s new world of COVID-19, lifestyles are changing dramatically. Staging just one bedroom to sell no longer is reflective of a bed and end tables with lamps.

Covid-19 SAFE

Now it’s Serious!

People are staying home more, companies are having employees work from home, and buyers want the ease of comfort of specialty rooms including:

  • Office (Obviously)
  • Workout room
  • Nursery
  • Children’s playroom
  • Hobby room
  • Extra TV room
  • Study room for kids to do homework

Survey Says?

A staggering statistic from a Homes Staging Resource survey of 4,270 staged homes showed that 85% of these homes sold for 6 to 25% more than the homes that were not staged.

Also, it was determined that “when stagers charged less or stopped short due to the seller’s tight budget, the results were not as good.”  Professional stagers who charged more actually got the best results in the sales price of the house.

Living Room Staging

Living room staging is placing attention on positioning furniture and décor accessories that invite people to come in. It’s a “living” room to welcome, entertain, relax, and gather as a family.

 Staging a living room includes appropriate seating for good conversation, lighting for ambiance and task use, a coffee table that reflects personality (art book, florals, game table), and overall a feeling of comfort and interest.

Staging a Bathroom

The bathroom is a very personal room in the home. Staging a bathroom is more about removing items, then staging with a lot of unnecessary décor. Remove everything off bathroom counters, especially:

  • Sticky soap dishes
  • Toothbrushes
  • Prescriptions
  • Hairbrushes
  • Personal items

Making a bathroom clutter-free is essential to showcasing it for complete home staging for Realtors. Often bathrooms are last to be staged in a home staging but are far from the least important from a home buyers viewpoint. After staging a bathroom, the room will include a set of fresh white towels, greenery or a plant(s), and artwork over the toilet, or another appropriate wall.

Dated bathrooms will help to lose a sale. The easiest and most economical way to update a bathroom is to paint it. Bathrooms should be painted in lighter colors, to create a feeling of cleanliness.

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